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+49 15771964414 (Germany Office)

Rudolfstr. 4 Dresden 01097, Germany

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Lord Bishop Rocks Proudly uses

Band Bio

Lord Bishop combined Funk, Rock, Punk and a touch of Reggae emotionally blended together and deeply soaked in black voodoo which bewitches everyone.

The master himself describes his music as "Hendrixian Motor Funk". This can be described as having fat guitar riffs like Jimi Hendrix, mixed with the power of Motorhead and the heavy blues of Led Zeppelin.

In addition you get a good shot of James Brown funk. Lord Bishop Rocks' interpretation of rock feels sexy, dirty, funky and simply honest.

The band has played over 3000 concerts in over 40 countries giving them the reputation of one of the most extravagant trios in the 21st century.

With their raw energy and frontman, Lord Bishops striking unique style, they never fail to inspire, impress and deeply impact their audience.


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