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Rock. Now. Forever. The New Music Playlist! **UPDATED WEEKLY**

The current under card in the rock scene is World Class. And yet bands are finding it increasingly hard to get their tracks on radio. The Festival main stages are just getting older. We search far and wide for new rock music that is worthy. No matter how in tune you are with the Rock scene, you will be sure to find new gems in this playlist.

Wrecking Crew Touring has a mission. We want to get 100 venues playing the Rock.Now.Forever playlist as their background music, between live bands or just as your Sunday beer drinking session.

How does this benefit the bands?
1. Exposure. Punters shazam songs all the time. The more venues that play the playlist, the more opportunities for bands to be heard.

2. The Spotify algorithms work by looking for artists that are on popular playlists. If enough people are listening to bands on playlists, those bands have more chance of being added to bigger playlists. It is a snowball effect and a real tool for bands to gain a worldwide audience.

We need your help. Instead of listening to same old commercial radio. Like and Listen to our playlist, it will be updated at least weekly. Share it with your friends, ask your local venue to add it. The future festival headliners don't come from 1987. They are here in this playlist.

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