What is Wrecking Crew Touring

Wrecking Crew Touring serve as booking agents and concert promoters for local and international bands in the UK and European Markets. With several decades experience in the industry we are well equipped to provide opportunities and help establish the right path for our artists. We believe our job is not to just pick up the phone but to known down the doors. We are realists. If we can't help you we will tell you. If we think you need to do more, we will tell you. 

On top of the agency, Wrecking Crew Touring now organises 2 annual rock festivals in Germany. Altenbergen Rock N Revel and Copper Rock Festival. And we are not done there. The aim is to build a full touring circuit for our artists, giving them the best opportunities to find their audience. 

We also have a weekly podcast and several Spotify playlists updated weekly so please tune in.

We do accept unsolicited material but due to the high number of requests we receive, we can not reply to everyone. 

If you would like to book any of our artists, please click here


The Sound Age - A Music Podcast

A Wrecking Crew Original series. The Sound Age is a collection of stories, predictions, opinions and observations all based on music and the music industry. Be sure to follow the podcast and give it a 5 star rating. Tune in every week for new episodes and share with your friends. The Sound Age is available wherever you find your favourite podcasts.

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Rock N Revel Festival

The loudest fucking gig in the quietest corner of the world. Rock N Revel is a 1 day event featuring world class international and local acts. We pride ourselves on making this a community event inviting local businesses and individuals to along for the ride. In just its 3rd year we have increased the size of both parking and festival area. 

For more information head to www.rocknrevel.de

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Copper Rock Festival is coming in 2022

Coming soon to Mülheim an Der Ruhr Germany, a multistage 10,000 capacity festival bringing some of the biggest bands in the world to the scenic town of Werden

With the debut year of 2021 being a false start due to Corona Virus, we have doubled down and will be putting all our efforts into our debut festival in 2022. Stay tuned for information and updates. 

Check out the website here: www.copperrockfest.de

Follow our playlist

The Ultimate and official NWOCR playlist serving as a record of one of the most exciting times in rock music. The New Wave of Classic Rock began as a Facebook group run by music fans and quickly turned into a bonafide genre with festivals, Spotify and iTunes all adopting the NWOCR moniker.

Listen to the playlist below an find your new favorite band.