Wrecking Crew Touring

Wrecking Crew Touring serves as a booking agent, concert promoter and festival organizer in the UK and Europe with the aim to build international acts in the thriving European market.

- Concert Promotion

- Tour bookings

- Gear and Van Hire

- Visa application

- Altenbergen Festival

We accept unsolicited material from bands but we can not reply to them all. Please make sure you keep emails brief with only relevant information and links. Wrecking Crew Touring does not just answer phones for bands, we knock down doors.



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The Ultimate and official NWOCR playlist serving as a record of one of the most exciting times in rock music. The New Wave of Classic Rock began as a Facebook group run by music fans and quickly turned into a bonafide genre with festivals, Spotify and iTunes all adopting the NWOCR moniker.

Listen to the playlist below an find your new favorite band.

Wrecking Crew Touring - Touring services across the EU/UK