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The New Wave of Classic Rock or NWOCR is one of the fastest growing genres in music today. A group of music fans started an online Facebook group championing new music and within a few short years, it has grown into a movement with iTunes and Spotify recognizing the term as an official genre.

We here at Wrecking Crew support new music and have created the OFFICIAL NWOCR playlist. Featuring hundreds of bands from dozens of counties. The playlist stands to serve as a record of the New Wave.

What is NWOCR?
Broadly defined as bands or artists that have started after 2010 and play music that is influenced by 70s and 80s classic rock.

How does this playlist help bands?
Simple. If you like classic rock, listen to this playlist and you will find your new favorite band. Share it with friends, play this playlist instead of listening to commercial radio. The more people are aware of the wave, the more the bands can ride it.

If you are in a band that fits this category and we have missed you or if you have a new release, or if you think we have missed any bands then please contact us .

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